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Violence must not be tolerated – Switch it off!

Domestic violence does not only affect those directly exposed to it, but entire families and communities. Domestic violence disproportionately affects women, but consequences of violence also affect children, their lives, development and future, regardless of whether they are direct survivors or witnesses of violence ocurring in the family. Violence can be physical, sexual, psychological and economic.

Domestic violence is prohibited in the Republic of Serbia. Serbia is a signatory of numerous conventions obliging states to prevent gender-based violence, as well as ensure support to and protection of survivors. Several laws and protocols in the Republic of Serbia regulate the actions of institutions related to combating violence and implementing different measures towards perpetrators aiming to protect survivors.

The Ministry of Justice is dedicated to informing citizens about their rights regarding protection from violence and to improving the legal and institutional environment providing efficient support to  survivors of violence. We actively support a uniform implementation of the relevant legal framework on the entire territory of Serbia, so that all survivors of violence receive appropriate and timely protection and support.

The Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence prescribes the obligatory and coordinated cooperation of public prosecutor’s offices, police and centers for social work, so that survivors receive efficient and fulll suport. We invest efforts in ensuring that survivors of domestic and gender-based violence and their families are encouraged to report violence to responsible institutions and receive effective institutional protection.

This website provides information about reporting violence and available services for protection and support in each city and municipality, information about good practices of professionals in effective response to violence and relevant statistical data, as well as information to support media reporting that contributes to education and prevention and encourages survivors to report violence.

If you are exposed to domestic violence or would like to anonymously report violence you have noticed in your environment, you can always contact the police via the number 192.

Information about institutions and non-governmental organizations that can provide protection and support in a specific city or municipality can be found through the Map of services. You can also access this map through the button Find help.

Map Symbols

Available services are listed in Serbian with appropriate symbols that will help you find the service you need.

Centre for Social Work

Civil society organization that provides support to women and children survivors of violence

SOS helpline

Always remember that domestic violence is not a private matter. It is a criminal act. It is everyone’s legal obligation to report violence to responsible institutions, and it is everyone’s right to receive appropriate protection from violence.

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